Your Guide To Iconic Seattle Photo Spots

We do enjoying rolling around to some notable Seattle spots from time to time to capture photos to keep our social feeds full. If you want to up your Instagram game or perhaps join the ranks of the giant pool of Seattle photographers this is a great list to get you started. These are some of the top iconic photo opportunities in Seattle. Plus, a bunch of these locations are fun places to hangout!   

Shepard Fairey's “American Rage” Banner | South Lake Union

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

A “Mask Up” flag atop the Space Needle next to an 8-story art installation by Shepard Fairey at sunset in South Lake Union. The new Seattle art is titled “American Rage” and is "a celebration of protest as a form of civic participation in democracy," according to Fairey. Make sure to get your pics now before this iconic piece of art disappears. You can find this banner on the 9th & Thomas building.  

Ken Griffey Jr Statue

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The Ken Griffey Jr State located outside of T-Mobile Park and is an easy photo to capture. On game day it gets hectic with the crowds, but on my most days all the angles are yours for the capturing.


Skyview Observatory | Columbia Tower

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The Skyview Observatory located in the Columbia Tower offers so many photo options it's hard to capture them all in one visit. The Great Wheel, stadiums, Space Needle, Mt Rainier ferries and the list goes on.

Kerry Park | The Postcard View

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Kerry Park is the iconic view of downtown Seattle where it appears the Space Needle is the largest building in the city and is right in the middle. On a nice day this park is packed with photographers, tourists and walkers stopping to take in the view. Get there at least an hour early if you are trying to capture the sunset from a good spot with a tripod. Make sure to get a spot to the right of the park on the dirt mound. It's the best spot to get the full city in our opinion.

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The Smith Tower | Pioneer Square Puddle Reflection

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Some photographers don't enjoy the rain, but we love it! It creates new new photo opportunities and puddles are some of our favotites! If you venture down to Pioneer Square, where James and Yesler Way, meet you will see a parking garage that kinda looks like a sunken ship and Smith Tower rising above it. Bring your wide angle and take advantage of puddle season for this classic Seattle snap.

The Cliche, Easy To Get, Under The Space Needle Photo

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

We have all been there, captured that photo and should continue to do so. Thank you World's Fair for this amazing building. When is the World's Fair coming back?

Pike Place Market | The Other Cliche Seattle Photo

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Pike Place Market is full of photo opportunities and is one of the most recognizable locations in Seattle. You can literally spend an entire day there shooting and still would not be able to capture everything. If you want a little bit of space head to the market during on a weekday. The weekends can get crazy!

Photo Tip: Try Camera Lenses Before You Buy

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

You can always try out a lens or camera with before you buy. Or if you want to use a specialty lens for just a weekend like a 400mm f2.8 lens to capture the eagles out at Alki Beach.

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The Gum Wall | Gross, but beautiful

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

When old chewed up stuff is kinda beautiful you probably are at the gum wall. It's kinda OK to litter here. Well, only if it is gum and on a select portion the wall in Post Alley. The gum wall makes for a great artsy macro shot or a great background for some fun portraits.

Seattle Waterfront | PIER 66

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Sunrise, midday, sunset, rain, shine, this spot is always picturesque. You can see the city, Mount Rainier, the great wheel and ferries coming and going. Pier 66 make for an amazing photo opportunity and a great spot to take in the city.

Gas Works Park | The Old Gasification Plant

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

It's called Gas Works Park for a reason! Capture photos of the remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States.

Gas Works Park | The Sun Dial

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Alright, you captured photos of good ole gas plant and it is now time to wander up that grassy hill, take in the view and get that giant sun dial Seattle skyline photo. Bonus points if you manage to capture it without anyone in the frame. It's a popular spot.

MoPop Reflection

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

MoPop's giant reflective wall makes for one heck of a great photo. Wait for the the train to go by or just get that reflection of the Space Needle. It's a great portrait back drop as well!

That Hole In The Fence Photo

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

If you venture to Dr Jose Rizal Park you and walk down the stairs into the park you should see a hole in the fence along I-90. From there you can get artsy with your framing and get a great view of the Seattle cityscape. 

Volunteer Park | Black Hole Sun

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Soundgarden named their song Black Hole Sun after this sculpture in Volunteer Park and it is easily one of the best Seattle photo opportunities around. The longer the camera lens you have the bigger the the Space Needle will become in the middle of the sculpture. FYI.

West Seattle | Luna Park

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

This is our content managers favorite photo spot due to the sheer amount of photos you can capture there. Looks at this eagle photo? Or this photo? You get it. Regardless of the scenery or weather that day you will always get an amazing cityscape photo. Even with a flip phone.

Seattle Central Library

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Inside and out the Seattle Central Library is a masterpiece. Explore the outdoor architecture and then venture inside to ride the aesthetically pleasing escalators, red room and more.

The Fremont Troll

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

It's a giant troll under a bridge providing photo opportunities for the entire family! Next time you are in Fremont make sure to stop by and say hi to the local troll.

Double Helix Bridge

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

OK. This spot might not be that iconic, but it should be. Located down on the waterfront it is a simple bridge to get you over the rail road tracks, but the design makes for a great photo. Throw your bff in the middle of that bridge with the right light and you will make something amazing. Probably not with a flip phone though.

The Georgetown Hat n' Boots

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The hat n' boots at Oxbow Park has been said to be the soul of the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Literally, someone kinda said that and it is worth checking out and documenting. "The Hat n' Boots is as important to Georgetown as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco," says Allan Phillips, former director of the Georgetown Community Council. "If the Hat n' Boots were ever to be gone from Georgetown, it would be like losing our soul."

Jimi Hendrix Statue

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Visit Seattle rock star legend, Jimi Hendrix, in bronze, frozen kneeling in mid-shred along the sidewalk on Capitol Hill.

The Quad at The University of Washington

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The place is magical in the spring, but it provides photo oppurunites year round if you do it right. If you hit this spot while the cherry blossoms are in bloom go real early to avoid the crowds.

The Kinda Hogwarts Library at UW

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The UW Reading Room is the closest thing to Hogwarts we have found in Seattle. This magnificent room features 65 foot high ceiling with diffused light coming in through the stained glass windows. Enjoy the silence and the photo opportunity.

Ella Bailey Park

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Ella Bailey Park features a unique view of Seattle where the Queen Anne Hill covers a bit of the skyline. This place is amazing for sunrise and when the moon rises at certain times of the year makes for a one of a kind photo.

Mt Rainier From The Shores Of Lake Washington

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

The shores of Lake Washington provide some of the best spots to capture Mount Rainier in Seattle. From the dock of Mt Baker Beach Park, or the shores of Madrona Park Beach or Leschi Park Beach each spot offers a great view and an occasional feature to place in the frame. The photo captured above is from Mardona Park.

Iconic Seattle Photo Spot Map

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Don't worry we will be updating this list with new spots! If you want to let us know some of your favorite photo locales feel free to send them to [email protected]!