Do206 is the place to find out what to do in Seattle. From concerts to comedy, film to fashion, and charity events to drink specials, Do206 is the one-stop destination for planning your week. Plus, we are constantly giving away free tickets, backstage passes, and exclusive prizes. Signing up is free and easy, and also allows you to discover and promote events, share your picks with others, buy tickets online, and be the first to know about all the awesome happenings throughout the emerald city. 

The do206 Team

Austin Santiago - General Manager

Austin has been coordinating and producing live events in the Pacific Northwest since 2003. He started his company BuildStrong Music Group in 2006 and has since independently produced well over 400 events. For the past seven years, Austin has been the marketing manager and a national talent buyer at The Wild Buffalo House of Music. Austin spent three years as the marketing director and brand manager for The Summer Meltdown Music Festival before stepping down to focus on band management and independent event production. 

Matt McDonald - Project And Content Manager

Matt is a photographer, web developer and new media entrepreneur based in Seattle. He spent several years running TheBellinghamHerald.com website and IT department. After that he spent 5 years as a photojournalist and multimedia editor for the Herald. He left the newspaper industry for the action sports industry as a videographer and content producer for a few years. He then arrived on our doorstep to become our content manager at the end of 2016. His life revolves around his wife, dog, photography and the search for new music and something unique to do. You can find Matt’s personal photo and video of work of the beautiful city of Seattle under the name EqualMotion at EqualMotion.com, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you see him on the street or at a show get him to take a photo of you. If he doesn’t have a camera tell him you are disappointed. 


We list calendar events based on popular vote and recommendations by members of the Do206 Champions. These local heroes include bloggers and members of local media, and we will explain more about them below. To cast your vote for an event, simply click the “Add" button in the event listing. The more people who vote for an event, the higher it will be listed on the site, allowing the most popular events to naturally rise to the top.


Have an event that is not listed? We're happy to help add it to the site. Just pull together all of your event info, description, photos, and links to bands and ticketing and send it to [email protected] Due to the amount of requests we get it could take 3-7 business days to get the event added on the site. If you're a local booker and need to add events on the regular - send us a note, and if applicable, we can set you up with event editor access. We don't mean to be secretive - but had to turn off the public event system as some sneaky spammers started making bogus events. 


Only users with editing privileges can change events that they did not create, but if you want this ability, all you have to do is ask! Email [email protected] and we will get you set up.


Are we lacking an artist that you typed into your event? Just click the Add Your Own link next to the band field and fill in the blanks! Once you have created the band page, it will appear in the drop down box every time someone types it into the field. If you are looking at a band page that requires a little TLC, feel free to edit it by choosing the link to the right of the name on the page. If there is a bad video, choose the link underneath the video on the page and send us a good one. NOTE: Currently we only support YouTube videos, sorry Vimeo users. 


Occasionally the event that you are posting may already be on the site. When this happens, there will be a link to the event that is already posted at the top of the page. If this is the same as your event but you want to add more information, just choose the edit option on the existing event page and add away. Do not submit a duplicate event if you can help it. This takes away votes and divides information, neither of which you would want for your event! If your listing is indeed a different event that just happens to be at the same venue, check the Create Event Anyway box and resubmit the form. 

WHO ARE THE Do206 influencers?

The Do206 influencers form the back bone of all all the great happenings around the city. They are the local media, the bloggers, the DJs, the artists, and the promoters... the people who make it their jobs to get us off our couches and out on the town. They are so good at it in fact, that we decided to give them a voice on Do206 for you to follow. Their votes and event comments are featured below the event listings for perusal, as are links to their websites. You can find the full list of family members at the bottom of our home page. Follow them, friend them, be one with them. They will make sure you are in the know! Email [email protected] for more info. 


Do206 has awesome RSVP offers for some of the best events in Seattle. Just click the button to get on the list. Two things to note: most RSVP offers do not include a +1; and all RSVPs are subject to venue capacity, and do not guarantee admission. 


If you enter to win tickets on the Do206 site, you will receive an email notification no later then 24 hours before the show. If you have won a contest via our Facebook or Twitter pages, we will tag you in the winning post no later then 24 hour prior to the show. Please reply to this post confirming or telling us we are awesome. That way, we know that you are coming! 


For rates and tips on how to make Do206 work for you, get in touch with [email protected]


We are super friendly.
General Manager: Austin Santiago | [email protected] 
Project And Content Manager: Matt McDonald | [email protected]