Guide To Winter Activities In Seattle

We are here to make sure your social life doesn't go cold alongside the weather! We compiled some of our favorite activities in the greater Seattle area in our Guide To Winter In Seattle!   

Westland Distillery's Peat Week

Photo courtesy of Westlind Distillery

It’s time to prepare for Westland Distillery’s annual Peat Week! This circus-themed week of peat-friendly activities features virtual events, cocktail kits and a drink making competition. There’s two unique and fun ways to partake you can learn about HERE.

Watch the Eagles in Whatcom or Skagit County

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Winter is a great time of the year to view bald eagles in the pacific northwest as they migrate to the area in bunches! You can catch them along local rivers to feed on the carcasses of salmon that have died following their upriver spawning runs. Washington has two great spots to view America’s national symbol. One is the upper Skagit River Valley from Sedro Wooley to Newhalem. The other spot is the Nooksack River in eastern Whatcom County in Deming. If you are looking for more information check out the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpetive Center.

Attend A Live Stream Concert Or Event

Photo courtesy of John Theroux of Blazinspace

We miss events and hanging out with friends around Seattle. Due to COVID this winter we won't be seeing many in person events and that is why we will be keep an updated list of the top streams in Seattle and across the country. View The Top Live Streams Here

Visit the Winter Wonderland Of Leavenworth

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

The Seattle area is packed full of winter adventures inside the city, but if you drive a couple hours to Leavenworth, some serious good times are waiting to be had. Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains in Washington and it is an absolute winter wonderland. 

View Our Guide To Leavenworth

Ride In A Wood Fired Hot Tub Boat

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Imagine floating on Lake Union while sitting in 104-degree water. Sound too good to be true? You’ve never experienced the water until you’ve tried a hot tub boat rental from Lake Union Hot Tub Boats. Water makes every adventure better. Hot Tub Boats have combined two of the best things – boating on the lake and relaxing in a hot tub. The result is a boat rental service like no other. Sign Up For A Ride HERE

Visit Pier 62

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Venture to the Seattle Waterfront and the re-opened and rebuilt Pier 62. To celebrate the reopening the artist collective Psych-Pop, comprised of Devon Midori Hale and Chi Moscou-Jackson, created an installation of light sculptures for your viewing pleasure. They are great to check out during the day and night! Learn More Here

Go On An Outdoor Seattle Public Art Tour

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Need something to pass the time during COVID? Go on an outdoor art tour of Seattle from the safety of your car. We went on the art tour ourselves to capture photos and show you some local art ranging from murals, to sculptures to a giant cowboy hat. That being said, grab your best bud in your household and travel to these aesthetically pleasing Seattle destinations. View The Full List Here

Hit the slopes And Go Skiing Or Snowboarding

A two hour drive from Seattle makes Stevens Pass a great option for either a day trip or weekend getaway. You can also venture to Snoqualmie Pass, Mount Baker Ski Area and/or Crystal Mountain to get your powder fix in this season.

Go URBAN Sledding, Snowboarding or Skiing

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

It doesn't snow all that often in Seattle, but when it does streets close down and all the hills around the city make for some most excellent sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding. Queen Ave closes down and makes for super fun urban run (pictured above). Other great spots are Gas Works Park, Woodland Park, Othello Playground, Denny Way and more! Take a look at snow storm photos from 2019 HERE.

Go Wine Tasting

Photo courtesy of EqualMotion

Warm up with a nice glass of wine at one of the many wine tasting bars in the greater Seattle area. We have a full list you can view by clicking HERE.

Visit Winthrop During The Hot Air Balloon Festival

The small town of Winthrop gets packed each year during the Winthrop Hot Air Balloon Festival and for good reason! Watching the hot air balloons take off and float around the snowy hillsides is breathtaking. The hot air balloons take flight March 6th - 7th on Saturday and Sunday mornings launching at 7am and flying until 9am depending on weather. Hot air balloons also occupy the street on Saturday night. The Learn more about the festival by clicking HERE

Stop By The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

The GT Trailer Park Mall offers independent artists, designers, makers and collectors to sell their goods direct in a one-of-a-kind environment thriving with community. Each trailer houses a permanent, independently run shop. Browse through classic Star Wars action figures, clothing, mixed art, and more! Learn More

Take A Winter Walk At Discovery Park

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Take a winter walk at Discovery Park on one of the many trails and venture to the Discovery Park Lighthouse. Learn about the Discovery Park Trail here.

Venture To Lopez Island

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Wrap your hands around a warm cup of coffee and jump on the Anacortes ferry to Lopez Island for a night or winter-weekend getaway in the San Juan Islands. The islands are calm and quite in the winter and that is one of our favorite reasons to go! Take a day trip of stay over night and learn about what to do before you go HERE.

Visit a bookstore

Photo courtesy of Elliott Bay Book Company

When the weather gets cold, there’s nothing better than sitting in a cozy chair and reading a good book. Seattle has TONS of bookstore, but our favorites are the Elliott Bay Book Company and Twice Sold Tales. Elliott Bay is one of the largest bookstores in Seattle, so plan on dedicated a large portion of your day to delving into its shelves. Twice Sold Tales, although now quite as large, hold a special place in our hearts for being a used bookstore that not only has hidden treasures of literary genius, but also has adorable cats to play with as you look for your perfect book.

Take a selfie with the Fremont Troll

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

Escape the rain under a bridge with the Fremont Troll! No need to worry about rain drops on the lens at this classic photos spot.

Winter Adventures In West Seattle

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

West Seattle and Alki Beach are not only fun in the summer. In fact, during the winter it can be even more beautiful and relaxing thanks to the reduced crowds. We ventured out to West Seattle for a day of adventure and featured a few reason as to why it is one of our favorite winter locales. Read the full guide HERE.

Try All The Sandwiches

Eat a giant sandwich, watch the rain hit the window and then take a nap is a great lazy day option for the winter and we have a full list of some of the best sandwiches in Seattle RIGHT HERE!

Stop by The Dog Wood Play Park And Grab A Beer

It has been known to rain in Seattle and the Dog Wood Play Park in Lake City offers both an indoor and outdoor play area. You also can snag a beer while you watch your dog child play with new friends. Current vaccination records are required for your do to play (rabies, bordetella & DHPP). We emailed the records in advance, so we knew we were in the clear before we went. Also, all dogs must be on some form of flea prevention and spayed/neutered if over 1 year old. A day pass costs $12, but they also offer membership plans and puppy daycare. We have more dog-friendly activities featured HERE in our Guide To A Dog's Day in Paradise.

Take A Class: Photography, Cooking & More!

Masterclass is offering some of the top online classes right now. Whether you want to upgrade your knowledge in music, writing, cooking, comedy or learn how to play chess Masterclass has an option for you. Get unlimited access to 80+ of the world’s best minds. You get to learn from the world’s best actors, photographers, filmmakers, athletes, novelists, screenwriters and more.

View Our Top 10 Classes Here

Build A Snowman

Photo courtesy of Matt McDonald

When it actually does snow in Seattle take advantage of it and build a snowman, snow a fort or get outside and take advantage of those frozen flakes while it is here. Last year we ventured to Volunteer Park that turned into a winter wonderland. It was well worth it.

Eat Brunch For Every Meal

It's cold and we need the extra weight to stay warm, right? Correct! Use our handy Guide To Brunch In Seattle to find the best brunch spots by CLICK THIS RED LINK!

Visit Neko Cat Cafe

Do you ever just want to hug a cat, but don't have one around you? Perhaps your roommate is allergic to cats and you want to get your feline cuddle fix? Welp, the solution to your problem is Neko Cate Cafe. Reserve Your Spot Here

Warm Up With Some Ramen

Warm up, slurp loud and proud and prepare for the Seattle’s noodle and broth goodness on a cold day. Ramen is something near and dear to us here at Do206, so we connected with our friends at Noodle Gang to help put together a guide to some of our favorite ramen spots in Seattle you can view by CLICKING HERE.

Visit A Seattle Record Store

Prep your tone arms and slip-mats because vinyl is back in business and Seattle has an amazing assortment of record stores for you to dig through. Here's a list of our favorite stores in the city, including some that have live in-store performances, restaurants and more. Find A Record Store HERE

If you have other great ideas to add to this list do not hesitate to shoot an email to [email protected] and we will make sure to add it to the list!